SONY DSCAbuja residents, especially those who have the love for after work & nightlife, have different opinions about the state of nightlife in the territory. Everyone residence in Abuja will agree with me that the economic situation has affected the business and way of life. Francis Olaiya writes.

The economic downturn in Nigeria is taking a toll on nightlife activities in Abuja. To some lovers of clubs in the territory, 7 p.m. every day signals the beginning of their day. That is when they dust their shoes and clothes to go out and have fun in gardens, enjoy live bands in lounges, nightclubs, and other relaxation spots.

Many who have worked or lived in Abuja use to find city boring, and lonely but since the 2007 after Mallam Nasir El-rufai as minster of F.C.T made Abuja a befitting capital with the work of Abuja Environmental Protection Board (A.E.P.B) and Parks & Recreation department. We have seen increase in Abuja nightlife and fun places.

There are actually many things to see and do now in Abuja, if you are mobile and loaded. I like Nigeria, but I love Abuja and it’s my ideal home. If you decide never to leave the city, there are also options: only bowling alley in West Africa, best golfing outside South Africa, and pool bars at many hotels to sun yourself or drink yourself silly are in Abuja. IBB Golf Course is still a place to be and I recommend becoming a member to anyone living in Abuja. It has great driving range, short game area, and great terrace with the best view in Abuja.

The Hilton might not be world class, but good for Nigeria with its pool, Fulani bar and other fun spots. Grand Square Supermarket (near main Mosque). This place came as a great relief to expats in Abuja. It is new (French owned) and has some of the best bread outside Paris. The ice cream is a favorite for all in Abuja. Grand Square is no longer bubbling with massive traffic like pre-buhari, it goes with Amigo supermarket now renamed 4U Supermarket.

Bush Bars and Gardens. There are many small bars in town or a short drive outside town that normally serve roasted meats, fish and cold beer. These places make millions of naira every night but the story is different now.

The modus operandi of Abuja life is such that when you go round during the day, it is as if nothing serious happens around the vicinity, but when it is getting to dusk, one would be amazed at the activities in those same places that was hitherto dull in the day. Such time is when they wine and dine with friends with many consuming assorted drinks, asu, roasted fish, isi-ewu, nkwobi, and pepper soup, among others. Added to this is the glamour of the live band that entertains everyone. This is the daily life of an Abuja night lover. Usually, gardens, lounges, clubs and hangout joints receive patronage everyday but gets thicker on Fridays and weekends.

Most places are now a shadow of its old self because of the economic reality in Nigeria and the Ramadan. People are not certain of what to expect the next day or by month end. Will it be a sack letter? Will their bosses be able to pay their salaries? As we hope for an improved economy for the nation, Abuja residents are still turning up in neighborhood joints, which need less fuel to commute and less spending.

Enjoy and comment… what’s your location like? Is the economy situation affecting fun and nightlife?


Written by Francis Olaiya



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